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Help! My Laptop Has a Virus

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Help! My Laptop Has a Virus

I received an email the other day that I just had to share with everyone.

Dear CCRepairz,


I am self-employed and in order to make money for my family we rely on our laptop to run Virus free and smooth 7 days a week. When we realized we had contracted a virus our whole business had to be shut down because of private and sensitive information that could be compromised. We needed to have our laptop repaired and we needed it repaired now! I remember hearing about my sister taking her Macbook Pro to a place called Confidential Computer Repairs.


WOW! This was perfect, they did such an awesome job on my sisters computer we decided to give CCRepairz of Henderson a call. Forgetting it was late at night we decided to call anyway and leave a message. Amazingly 15 min later we received a call back from a CCR Tech explaining he too understands how we rely on our computer to make money and for a small Emergency Call fee we could bring our laptop over right now and he will fix it while we wait. One hour later our laptop was clean and free from all bugs. CCRepairzeven cleaned the whole outside making it look brand new again.


Thank you CCRepairz for keeping our business going, and going the extra mile to make our Laptop look new again.


You truly Are The Best,



Thanks Julie for that wonderful letter. If anyone reading this needs similar help repairing a laptop or desktop computer, give us a call today on (702) 979-0033.