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Come to CCRepairz for your iPad 2 Glass Repair Las Vegas!

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Come to CCRepairz for your iPad 2 Glass Repair Las Vegas!

Do you need iPad 2 glass repair Las Vegas? Does your iPad 2 look like this?

ipad 2 glass repair las vegas

Well, CCRepairz can make it look as if it were brand new again!

Good as New iPad 2 Glass Repair Las Vegas

Come to CCRepairz to get your iPad 2 glass repair Las Vegas!

Don’t risk getting  glass in your hand or worse, your kids’! Let CCRepairz  take care of all your iPad 2 Glass repair needs.  Our experienced technicians will replace your iPad 2′s broken glass or LCD with brand new glass or LCD so your iPad 2 will be fully restored, like new, without losing any information!

At CCRepairz here in Henderson, NV, we specialize in all types of services including (and especially) broken iPad 2 glass repair.  So if you find yourself in a predicament and are in need of iPad 2 glass repair Las Vegas, call CCRepairz at (702) 979-0033 first to discuss your options and how much it will cost to fix. You can swing by our iPad 2 repair shop during normal business hours to discuss your options in person if you’d prefer. You can find directions here and remember…

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!


  1. Rodney Wijas

    I want to have the cracked glass on my iPad 2 replaced as rapidly as possible. Please let me know of the earliest appointment.

    Questions: 1- May I have this glass replacement done while I wait?; 2- how long does the replacement take?; 3- What is the estimated cost?; and 4- do you have accessories for gage iPad 2- specifically, protective cases your items?

    I live in North Las Vegas- about 30 minutes from your location. (703) 847-9777

    Thank you,

    • 1.Yes 2. It takes 2 hours for the repair. 3. It’s a total of $118. 4. We offer survivor cases for the iPad 2 for just $64.99 + tax. Feel free to call us on (702) 979-0033.