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Is the iPhone 7 Worth the Upgrade?

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Is the iPhone 7 Worth the Upgrade?

What’s new in the iPhone 7?

When it comes to your phone, it’s fun to have the newest gadgets, but changing phones can be a hassle. You may be asking yourself, “What’s new (compared to the previous iPhone 6 models) in the iPhone 7?”. Deciding whether an upgrade is worth the money and effort can be tough. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Speed’s the Name of the Game

Comparing the iPhone 6 or 6s to the iPhone 7 is no comparison at all when it comes to speed. The iPhone 7 has a 50 percent faster GPU and a 40 percent quicker CPU over the iPhone 6s, which already had improved greatly over the iPhone 6. The new model also has a speedier modem and a full gig more RAM than in past models. This is great if you pop between apps quickly.

Controversial Design

When you look at the iPhone 7 next to an iPhone 6, on the surface they are nearly identical in size. But there have been some big changes in the design features with the newer model. Since the iPhone 6 was prone to bending, a stronger metal has been used on the 7. In big news for anyone with a clumsy streak, the new iPhone 7 is water resistant; in fact, Apple says the phone can be left in water for up to 30 full minutes. However, critics are against the removal of the standard headphone jack, which means any iPhone 7 user who wants to use headphones needs to purchase a new pair, either wireless or one specially made to plug into the Lightning port.

To Upgrade Or Not

Considering an upgrade to the iPhone 7? There are some real benefits, but you’ll need to decide if speed and water resistance are more important to you than being able to use your current set of headphones.

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