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Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Ready

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Ready

Today the resident Android Geek at the Computerworld blog, JR Raphael, updated the Android 4.0 Upgrade List. Android 4.0? Yes. Back in late October Google unveiled Android 4.0 under the name Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Here’s a little bit about it from JR:

Android 4.0 introduces the biggest changes Google’s mobile platform has seen since the days of Froyo. The new OS delivers a sleek new design with layers of polish and loads of tasty fresh features.

The new OS has a fresh design with tons of new features like scrollable and resizable widgets, a new photo app with panoramic picture capability and no shutter lag so you can rapidly shoot pictures back to back, and new facial recognition biometric security so you can unlock your phone with your face! Those are just a few of the exciting new features. You can learn about even more of them at

So if you’re wondering now if your smart phone or tablet will get the Android 4.0 upgrade, you can visit the Computerworld Blog for an exhaustive and evolving list of everything they know about Ice Cream Sandwich, broken down by device.

You can see the full list of devices that have (or will) received Ice Cream Sandwich and read the full article I referenced above at: