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Unbox Therapy’s iPhone 6S Bend Test

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Unbox Therapy’s iPhone 6S Bend Test

iPhone 6S Bend Test

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy just released a video this morning where he performs an iPhone 6S Bend Test to see whether or not we can expect to see less bending with the iPhone 6S versus the iPhone 6.

When he compared the bendability of an iPhone 6 to the new iPhone 6S, Lew found that the new iPhone 6S could withstand 50 more pounds of pressure than the iPhone 6 before bending.

Lew’s Official iPhone 6S Bend Test Results

“It appears that the iPhone 6S (and likely the iPhone 6s Plus) will be made out of a completely different alloy than the iPhone 6. Based on the evidence gathered it’s likely that the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will utilize a stronger 7000 series aluminum. This change will likely produce a more durable iPhone but it may be more costly to produce.”

While the results of this iPhone 6S Bend Test, in Lew’s own words, are “pretty damn impressive” and more than he expected to find, there will most likely be a higher cost associated with the new iPhone 6S due to the more costly 7000 series aluminum.

Watch the video below for the full details of Lew’s findings:




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iPhone 6S Bend Test