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The Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas Celebrates Four Years of Service!

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The Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas Celebrates Four Years of Service!

Celebrating Four Years of The Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas from CCRepairz

Today marks the four year anniversary of CCRepairz, the BEST iPad Repair in Las Vegas according to our customers! Here’s what some of them have had to say over the past four years.

Our first review on Yelp was from local coffee shop owner, Jeanne Emrath. She even gave us five stars! Here’s her review and a few more from our Yelp page.

[h2a] CCRepairz Yelp Reviews [/h2a]

“Super quick and friendly repairs (15 min for broken back glass on iPhone 4) and totally affordable.”
-Jeanne E.

“Took my iPad in for repair today, it was an “iPad 2″ The home button was broken due to excessive use. I brought it in around lunchtime and got it back at 3:30 PM same day! It was really affordable to have them fix it. They were very professional and even texted me on my iPhone when it was all fixed. Apple would have charged me 299.99 for this repair which they would of replaced the device probably with a new one however repairing through CCRepairz was the best thing I did. The repair only costed 69.00 bucks! I highly suggest if you have an issue with something you should take it to them because from the way it looks they fix everything even game systems!!! I will definitely use them for all my gadget repair needs. Thank you CCRepairz for the awesome work.”
-Gabriel C.

“I thought that I should counteract the 1 star that this great company received. I took my iPad in the day before I left for vacation because the screen was shattered and even missing some pieces. It was done within a few hours, even though I told him I wouldn’t be back until the next morning. They were courteous and I will definitely use CCRepairz again for my uninsured electronic needs!”
-Courtney W.

“I have some friends that work in the same building as CCRepairz. They are the most honest and ethical company. On top of that, they’re just genuinely nice and respectful guys. They work HARD (they literally burn the midnight oil!!) I’d NEVER take my electronics to be repaired somewhere else. Diane does a great job at the front desk and Lamaar and his brother are top notch techs. Very fast, very professional and most important… INEXPENSIVE!!!”
-Laura O.

“Efficient, friendly, great location and good prices – PLUS the owner is way more KNOWLEDGEABLE than any other computer/cellular repair person I have ever met by far! Would go back again and again and HIGHLY recommend.”
-Seeshellbe T.

“I got our iPad repaired here after purchasing a Living Social discount. The office had four other iPads to repair when I dropped it off at 1 p.m. However, staff was respectful, courteous and conscience of getting my unit repaired as quickly as possible. I left with my unit at 6 p.m. The price is reasonable (even without a Living Social discount) and is well worth the cost of repair. The quality of the work is excellent, and I would use this company again in the future.”
-Diana P.

“I went in today and they fixed my iPhone 5 screen in less than 30 minutes. I went back a few hours later because I had an issue and they replaced my screen again at no additional charge. Very good customer service and helpful employees. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who has broken or damaged electronics.”
-Randy M.

Our first review on Facebook was from Edmond Pack, a Las Vegas father of some very unhappy children. Why were they unhappy? Because both their Wii and their Xbox. Not only do our customers know we offer the Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas, we offer the best game console repair in Las Vegas too! Here’s his review and a few more from our Facebook page.

[h2a] Facebook Reviews [/h2a]

“Great guys, great repairs, great prices. Had my XBOX and Wii fixed this week and I now have happy kids!”
-Edmond P.

“Best repair service in town!”
-Jarod M.

“Had a very nice laptop that was in pretty bad shape. These guys made it like it’s brand new. Looks and runs like it did right when I first bought it. Highly recommended.”
-Ivan R.

“Awesome! Dropped my Galaxy S3 and broke the LCD screen! It was fixed fast and properly. I haven’t had any problems and my phone works as if it was never dropped. Also I shopped around for weeks and this is the best price in town for top notch work!!! Thanks again guys:)”
-Toni N.

“Many thanks to TJ for fixing my iPad mini’s screen after my son dropped it. Looks brand new. Great job. Fast & efficient. Highly recommend.”
-David S.

“I broke my glass on my Droid Mini and these guys fixed it pretty quickly.. Then my glass popped up from bent housing and they fixed it again (free of charge).. My glass did not stay down and I returned and they ordered and replaced the housing and now my phone is almost brand new.. These guys are reasonably fast and very courteous and will do what they can to get your phone back in action.. Thanks for all the assistance guys!!”
-Jimmy J.

“Lamaar, without a doubt, is one of the best business people I have ever worked with. Clean, easy-to-find shop (right down the street from Coronado HS), and at reasonable prices. His dedication to getting the job done quickly to get you back in business is his #1 priority!”
-Shelly B.

Our first review on Google+ was from Daniel, a Las Vegas father who found himself with a broken iPad screen at the hands of his little girl. Not only were we able to help Daniel, but we did so in just a few short hours! Here’s his review and a few more from Google.

[h2a] Google+ Reviews [/h2a]

“I have an old 64GB iPad that I let my three year old daughter use and needless to say, she’s pretty rough with it. One day she dropped it on the kitchen tile face first and shattered the screen. I was going to buy a new one since this one was just a first gen iPad, but after Googling “ipad repair henderson” their website came up so I gave them a call. They told me I could get it fixed for just $138 so I went in and dropped it off when they opened and had it back in my hands looking brand new on my lunch break. These guys rock and I highly recommend them to everyone!”
-Daniel B.

“Cheaper and better than the Apple Store!!”
-Shahab Z.

“They have the best prices on their repairs and they do a great job. You can’t even tell my phone was repaired. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family. I got my phone back the same day. Very pleased.”
-Narine A.

“$90 for my iPad screen! Cheapest in Vegas and done in 2 hours! They know what they’re doing!”
-The Geldhof Family

Thank you for helping us be the Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas service center for the past 4 years!

The Best iPad Repair in Las Vegas Celebrates Four Years of Service!