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Here are just a few of the kind words people have had to say about CCRepairz.

“Great guys, great repairs, great prices. Had my XBOX and Wii fixed this week and I now have happy kids!”

Edmond P.

“Fast service, unbeatable prices, and awesome custom work…..CCRepairz is simply put…the BEST!!!!!”

Rob F.

“Couldn’t ask for a better repair place or better customer service!”

Tina S.

“This is a great company and is owned by a great guy. Take your electronics to get fixed at the place that provides excellent service. Spread the word.”

Melissa B.

“I have an old 64GB iPad that I let my three year old daughter use and needless to say, she’s pretty rough with it. One day she dropped it on the kitchen tile face first and shattered the screen. I was going to buy a new one since this one was just a first gen iPad, but after Googling “ipad repair henderson” their website came up so I gave them a call. They told me I could get it fixed for just $138 so I went in and dropped it off when they opened and had it back in my hands looking brand new on my lunch break. These guys rock and I highly recommend them to everyone!”

Daniel B.

“I have some friends that work in the same building as CCRepairz. They are the most honest and ethical company. On top of that, they’re just genuinely nice and respectful guys. They work HARD (they literally burn the midnight oil!!) I’d NEVER take my electronics to be repaired somewhere else. Diane does a great job at the front desk and Lamaar and his brother are top notch techs. Very fast, very professional, and most important… INEXPENSIVE!!!”

Laura O.

“My PC quit working and I had no idea why so I dropped it off to Lamaar at CCRepairz. He quickly diagnosed a problem with the hard drive and gave me a fair price to fix it. Picked it up a couple of days later, but when I took it home it still didn’t work. 🙁 Apparently the new drive was defective but CCRepairz replaced it again, no questions asked. Very honest and professional! Thanks!!!!”

Brian F.

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