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there is only one place you should ever take your iPod touch to be repaired and that’s CCRepairz of Henderson, there are many things that other repair shops are not aware of . For example, if you ever had a repair and your glass is not quite all the way down where it should be, then you need CCRepairz, because here a CCR we know what to look for. take it from us, WE TREAT YOUR IPOD TOUCH LIKE IT’S OUR IPOD TOUCH.

Did you know that CCRepairz of Henderson is awesome at replacing iPod touch broken glass!

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Or, if your iPod touch needs the ear jack replaced and your not getting great sound, Then bring in your iPod touch for some TLC by CCR!


  1. Dorothy Gamblin

    We have an iPod touch that’s glass is cracked. Can we get it fixed? My grandson is here for a week and needs it fixed. What’s the cost?

  2. Kaitlin Miller

    I dropped my ipod and the screen fell off? it still makes noise, when I get a notification, so I dont think its completely broken.. Could you fix it? and if so at what cost?

  3. Michael Fox


    Can you replace I-pad 2 glass?

  4. Kevin

    IPod nano 6th gen.
    I accidentally washed this in my shorts so there’s water damage. When I plug it in the apple logo comes on but it never turns on anymore 🙁 do you guys do water damage repairs? And how much would it cost me? Thank you.

  5. Natalie Bryant

    I plugged in the wrong charger into my grandsons iPod touch and bent the prong down on one side of the charger port.(I was sitting in the dark and thought I was plugging the charger into my iPhone and it was his iPod Touch screen) I didn’t realize I had broken it until he tried to put his chatger into it the following morning. You can see where the prong is bent. Can this be fixed and if yes how much would you charge? I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new one but that did’t sound true. HELP this grandma get out of the dog house please!

  6. kenya

    Front camera doesnt work for some reason everytime i try switch it over freeze up

  7. alex campos

    my ipod 5th gen wifi is having issues and i need to repair the wifi antenna how much would it cost

  8. Darlene

    Can you replace a cracked screen on an ipod touch 4th gen? The ipod still works fine but my son dropped it on its corner.