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iOS 8 Unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference

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iOS 8 Unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference

iOS 8 for iPhone 4S or newer, the iPad 2 or newer, and the 5th gen iPod touch Releases this Fall

Earlier today, Apple unveiled iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco and we thought you’d like to know some of what’s to come when that update is released this coming Fall.

If you have an iPhone, you probably use it for just about everything and with the features set to come with iOS 8, that statement will only become even more true. Right now, we know you use your iPhone to listen to all the music you love, but when iOS 8 comes out this Fall and gives you the ability to ask Siri to recognize a song for you (using a built-in auto-Shazaam feature) and help you purchase it via iTunes, you’ll probably use it for music even more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils iOS 8
Apple CEO Tim Cook – Photo from the Associated Press

Another thing we know you love about your iPhone is using it to keep all of the contact information you need for the people in your life and with iOS 8, it will be even easier to keep in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues. New features like Quicktype Messaging (predictive typing suggestions), the improved Group Messaging, Tap to Talk (the ability to send an audio files within the text app), and the inline reply feature (this allows you to reply to a text message through the notification section without having to open the text app), and Custom Keyboards will only have you using your iPhone even more to stay in touch with the people in your life.

iOS 8 will launch this fall, with free availability for everyone with an iPhone 4S or newer, the iPad 2 or newer, and the 5th gen iPod touch. In the meantime, if your iOS device has any problems at all, there is no better place to bring it than CCRepairz. We save iPads, iPhones, and iPods from almost any kind of damage while keeping your information intact. So if you find yourself in a predicament and are in need of an iOS Device Repair, call CCRepairz at (702) 979-0033 right away or swing by our iOS Device Repair Shop during normal business hours. You can find directions here and remember…

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