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Get Your Wii Repair From CCRepairz

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Get Your Wii Repair From CCRepairz

The Wii is a revolutionary games console and its popularity has skyrocketed since being released. That being said, it can be extremely frustrating when things go wrong forcing you to need a Wii repair and this is where we can help you.

Do you need to get a Wii Repair service? Below are some of the most common Wii faults:

Laser Failure

The Wii is a great console, but only when it’s working! If the laser dies, then the console is just a useless lump of plastic; however, we can revive your pride and joy with a new laser.

Drive Mechanism Failure

Another common fault with the Wii is that the drive mechanism will often die and when it does, there’s no gaming for you; however, we can often repair the mechanism and breathe life back into your Wii. If a repair won’t do the job, then we can replace it for you.

DVD Drive Failure

If the DVD drive fails, then the PCB in the drive is another potential cause. We can replace this PCB and get your Wii working as good as new.


Not really a fault this one, but still needs expert knowledge and a steady hand to do competently. If you would like to mod your Wii case, then why not let us do it for you? Guaranteed too! You can have a snazzy new case, or flashing lights or even both and much more.

If your Wii console has any other faults than those above, contact us and we will see what we can do to repair it for you.