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Choose CCRepairz For Your iPhone 8 Screen Repair!

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Choose CCRepairz For Your iPhone 8 Screen Repair!

When You’re In Need Of iPhone 8 Screen Repair, CCRepairz Has Got Your Back!

The arrival of the iPhone 8 marks the return of the infamous glass back. This puts many iPhone users in a position where the risk for screen shatter is higher. If you’ve been a victim of screen damage, CCRepairz is here for you! CCRepairz provides the Las Vegas area with reliable and affordable iPhone 8 screen repair. Don’t hesitate to call, or come in today!

What’s Up With The Glass Back?

With all the improvements that Apple is making, you might be left wondering “what’s up with all the glass?”. However, in order for one of the iPhone 8’s cool new features to work the glass is totally necessary. Wireless charging works by transferring energy between two items; your iPhone, and it’s charging station for example. If there was an aluminum back for the energy to attempt to move through, this technology would not work. Glass allows for a smooth energy transfer. In conclusion in order to enjoy the benefits of wireless charging, you’re going to have to get used to the glass! While Apple claims that this glass is more durable than what we’re used to; the truth is it’s still very breakable. If you’re in need of iPhone 8 screen repair, or repair for the back glass, CCRepairz has your back!

Trust CCRepairz With Your iPhone 8 Screen Repair!

What makes CCRepairz stand out from the crowd? One easy answer is our dedication to customer service. At CCRepairz our trained technicians take pride in how we treat you and your device. We understand how important your iPhone is to you! Because of this, we do what it takes to make your repair as quick, complete, and correct as possible! All of our repairs are backed by a thirty day warranty. If you get home and notice that something isn’t right with your device, bring it back in! We will make sure to fix the issue at no cost to you! If  you’ve been the victim of shattered glass, come on down to CCRepairz for iPhone 8 screen repair today!

Call us at (702) 979-0033 to set an appointment or come visit us at our office located at 871 Coronado Center Drive, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89052 (click here for directions) during our normal business hours and remember…

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